Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Littles Lunch

So many of you ask what do you feed your kids for lunch?

I focus on these categories when I arrange their cute little lunch trays.

Green Shake
Nuts and Seeds and Good oils
Real Salts
Protein(grain,quinoa pasta,sprouted tortilla with alm butter hummus etc...)
Water/at times with some greens:)

Today for lunch they had:

Left over green shake from breakfast (eng cucmber,almond/coco milk,avocado,Raw protein vegan powder 1 scoop,2C spinach, 5 drops organic vanilla liquid stevia drops and ice)
lightly steamed broccoli /seasoned with real salt and omega oils
4 unpasteurized almonds
4 grapes
Quinoa pasta shells /seasoned with coconut oil,real salt,hemp powder and sesame seeds and Org coconut milk
cut up celery and pea pods with hummus I made at the begining of the week:)

And Yes, that is a piece of red licorice Andi is eating...we are not Nazi's, we live life too:)