Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Good Morning!!!

  I think its important to create order and creating an order in the morning has really helped me set the rest of the day on a good start to keep and stay focused. Here is an example of how my mornings go as far as having an order in taking care of my physical, spiritual and emotional health go something like:

1. Morning Prayer..connect with your Maker, or meditate.
2. Look up passage of scripture,quote or ponder on some positive affirmations to keep my emotional body centered and my intention for my day set. Also a brief look at the order of my days events with my kidlets:) Three deep breathes,rinse face with cool water and neti pot salts sinus to love my tiny sinuses.
3. quart of good water with a bit of 4 salts, greens, a dash of tumeric and a lemon 
4. At this point I take any supplements I need that don't require food.
5. Drink 8 oz. of green juice
6. Yoga,walk or dance..good to take a Relyte to replenish salts lost in excercise
7. Breathe
8. Make a good clean breakfast based on what my body is asking for..I encourage you to start listening to your body. I usually want a good green shake or warm buckwheat cereal w some soaked nuts and seeds and berries. I take the rest of my supplements that are better with food ie. opti oils,krill oil,multi v etc.
9. Get cleaned up. I like to use a loofah to increase circulation and polish skin...Along with pH phresh and clean body wash. If I need more hydration...coconut oil,or Soph Skin is great after your shower or bath. If I bath I love to use the clay and salts with an essential oil. Dress my temple (body:) with respect and gratitude for the gift it is...and on with my kidlets and on with our Day!

Of course All our lives are busy and different, and ad midst this routine, I have to balance taking care of my kidlets...but on days I can, this is my morning routine. Good luck creating yours!