Friday, October 23, 2015

Tinys easy lunch

I love having my Tiny home for lunch each day during the school year. We eat lunch together and try to make it quick and easy so we can talk about her day.
This is what a typical lunch looks like for me and Tiny. I found these lunch trays at a garage sale and it has made making little ones lunches a bit easier.  When I make Tiny's lunch, I make sure she has many different colors of the rainbow mostly veggies and one or two fruits. Then I give her a smaller protein, healthy grain/carb and good fat. Today she had:

Veggies: cucumber, cauliflower, bell peppers, spinach and a carrot. w a little olive oil and real salt:)
Fruits: Berries and fugi apple
Protein: coconut oil peanut butter (sold at good earth)
Grain: Organic pitas
Oils/fats: guacamole to dip her veggies in
Drink: Water

I also gave her some org seaweed snack. The kids like these and they taste similair to a chip. Give the kids good iodine and salts:)

Meals can be pretty quick and easy for the little ones:)

Sat Nam.