Thursday, February 2, 2017

Routine...with Him?

We all have heard and I post much about the health of the Outer body.  I have pondered, tried to study from references, my schooling and my faith, that the inner vessel is of much if not more importance than the appearance or strength of the outer. As far as routines, we all have been told and are probably trying to practice good self care, hygiene, exercise and eating habits. What I have observed is that when souls put too much emphases on this alone, they become imbalanced and sometimes addicted and or self absorbed. In the scriptures it says that, "Vanity if a vexation of the spirit." In order for us to be truly content, at peace, happy and healthy we have to work on not just our body,but our mind, our heart and our spirit. Its a bit deeper work:) I have found in my own life, that when I am practicing my daily routine with out first connecting to my Maker, I do not experience the growth and peace that I do on days that I do. It has become routine after waking to roll onto my knees, to thank, to ask and to prepare for the day. It has also become routine to close in gratitude to my Maker and connect in the scriptures, or exercise while listening to a conference talk. It has changed my life and mostly when things are really challenging.

 I have learned we are so much weaker when we just rely on our own mortal mind and strength. I have gone through days with no energy to find myself lifted and carried, or if I have a task that seems impossible to create or bear I am strengthened by His power. I do have my daily routines of doing what I can and know to take care of my outer vessel, but I know now..."With God All Things Are Possible," if we will connect to Him, become humble and submissive, and allow greater things to unfold.

Salt Soak

Bathing in Salts is simple effective way to cleanse the body, relieve tension and ease tired muscles after a full day. Dr. Teals Epsom salts are affordable and can be located in almost any local store and online. As a part of a night routine I love to soak in a salt bath and it makes a good soak for kids when they are tired or feeling sick:)
Sat Nam.