Friday, September 26, 2014

Eating Well...a personal journey.

 Early on in my health crisis journey I had a question. How do I feed myself and my little family organic,mostly raw diet and keep to a descent budget and not have chefs that cook for me. Quickly I felt some responsibility for my health and family but I also knew it was possible without living so luxurious. All my mom friends would say the same story, " you have to be rich, or its too expensive, or I could never cook that way, I don't like to be in the kitchen. Well I knew it was part of my journey to figure this out and on my own for me and my family's health,I too didn't want to spend hours in the kitchen and had to stick to a budget. Through careful thought, meal planning, list making,I now know it is absolutely possible and even simple to shop, cook and eat this way.In response to my friends...I asked their budget for a family of 5 with a teenager that included maybe a supplement,organic raw foods,household items and a food storage item....the result was we had the same if not less budget a week. So I would gently say its possible and easy if you choose to feed you and your family this way.
Sat Nam, What ?

.What does Sat Nam Moma mean? Well, yes I am a mom hence Moma at the end. Sat Nam is sanskrit  Kundalini yoga mantra or chant that is usually done at the end of class. The reason this particular mantra rang in me is because I love its meaning. Sat means "TRUE or Truth" and Nam means "Name" together it means "True Self" or my name/identitiy is "Truth".  As long as I have lived I have quickly picked up or discerned when things or people feel a bit off or if they felt clear, genuine,pure or true. With any message or advice I have learned from others,from experience or living I hope to deliver or pass on only things I feel are right,pure or true. As you are embarking on your own personal learning experience or journey in life, I encourage all I meet to not just take advice but to pray, discern and think for themselves if it is right, pure or true for you. You will not fail if you follow this pattern first. I believe we are not ultimately in charge or in control of our life but when you acknowledge you can be led by a higher source first, that is when your life unfolds as it should.
Sat Nam Moma