Thursday, November 3, 2016

Stress...Nose Breathe:)

Breathing done through the nose is neurologically proven to calm the nervous system. Like a baby when it is in stress mode the binki goes in and the baby calms down...nose breathing. When breathing is done through the nose it connects to the nervous receptors in the brain that communicates to the body to calm and return to the conscious mind vs the subconscious fight or flight mode. When I have had times of struggle and intense trauma or stress I forced my self to take at least 8 slow breathes through the nose.

 Next time you find yourself in a whirlwind try nose breathing..its also a great tool to teach the kids when they feel uptight or nervous:)

Sat Nam What?

What does Sat Nam mean? Well, yes I am a mom hence Moma at the end. Sat Nam is sanskrit word used in a Kundalini sanskrit Mantra. The reason this particular mantra rang in me is because I love its meaning. Sat means "TRUE or Truth" and Nam means "Name" together it means "True Self" or my name/identitiy is "Truth".  As long as I have lived I have quickly picked up or discerned when things or people feel a bit off or if they felt clear, genuine,pure or true. With any message or advice I have learned from others,from experience or living I hope to deliver or pass on only things I feel are right,pure or true. As you are embarking on your own personal learning experience or journey in life, I encourage all I meet to not just take advice but to pray, discern and think for themselves if it is right, pure or true for you. You will not fail if you follow this pattern first. I believe we are not ultimately in charge or in control of our life but when you acknowledge you can be led by a higher source first, that is when your life unfolds as it should.
Sat Nam Moma



Vegan Chili

1/2 onion
4 talapia or veggie patties (Costco)
2 bell peppers(1 red 1 yellow)
2 C small cherry tomatoes
handful of Organic spinach and mixed greens (Costco)
2 tbs chili powder
1/2 tsp real salt
dash of Zippy (Spice Hunter/Good Earth) or cayenne
2 tbsp coconut oil
2 Tbsp hemp seeds (Good Earth)
1 small pkg of edemame beans (shelled/Good Earth)
Organic frozen peas (Costco)

Chop finely and saute onion, tomatoes, bocas and bells in coconut oil until veggies are tender. Add 1 C of veggies to Vitamix and add greens and more fresh tomatoes and puree until smooth. Add sauce back in to the sauteed veggies. Season with spices and hemp seeds and serve with fresh avocado, spinach and frozen peas...and maybe a little sprouted bread to dip:)

Kids Breakfast Ideas

Kids Breakfast 

Banana Berry Green Shake
1 eng cucumber
1 avocado
big handful spinach
juice 3 limes
dash of green pwdr stevia
2 cup almond coconut milk
1/2 C org berries
1 org slightly green banana
*Blend and Serve:)

Warm Quinoa
2 Cups quinoa flakes
2 Cups almond coconut milk (may need a little more for desired consistency)
1 Tbsp org cinnamon
1 tsp coconut palm sugar
4 dates (pitted and chopped)
*Warm on the stove on low heat and serve:)

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Faulty Lies

Truth I learned today....what are your favorite faulty programs you run in your mind to feel safe and worth?
I have to have a special noticeable hobby to have worth.
I have to stay thin to be loved or I'm not thin so I don't deserve love
I have to be everything to everyone for my children to be a good mom
I have to have a perfect home to be loved or have worth
I have to run marathons...everyone is, I must not be good if I can't
I need to control food my weight so much to match my self worth based on lies
I'm worth being loved if I can do everything perfectly
I have to do everything
I just can't because.....needs me.
I'm not worth being taken care of
My Maker only approves of me if I do everything perfect
I'll be happy when..we have more money, I'm thinner, I'm better, stronger...better than them...
Will I ever be enough..
Faulty lies believed to keep you feeling you are have to earn your worth and safety right?
Heavenly Father gave you the gift of worth...accept it use for good and feel divine peace and joy not based on these lies.
You are divinely worth so much with unique gifts and talents and strength to give to live to help to succor to nurture

.....You are Light....You are Love.

Your Divine Worth

You are divine. You do not earn divine worth..we don't have control of our worth's simply there. A gift we came with from heaven. What does a baby do or not do to have worth? We do have control of how we receive our worth and use our worth. To say when I'm thin I'll have worth, when I'm successful, a bigger home, clean home, more money etc...are short term worth grabs and ultimately when you think you've arrived why is there still a need for more or an emptiness? Because these do not define your worth. Heavenly Father gave us divine worth as He did our Agency, they are gifts we can choose to accept and act upon everyday. We have a choice to receive these from him and use them to bless,develop, nurture and become.