Monday, September 25, 2017

Simple Lunch

I like simplicity and sometimes its hard to come up with ideas of what to make for lunch each day. Here is a simple idea.

Fresh salad mixed greens

Other veggies cut up like bell peppers, carrot, celery, jicama.

Avocado, raw seeds or nuts you prefer, or good clean protein of choice

Fresh berries or green apples

Tortilla on the side (I like Teff or spelt

Drizzle with Avocado or good oil of choice, some real salt and lemon and any other herbs or spice you like:)


Our Body...Our Temple

I've been pondering on this subject of the health of the body. Each of us came to earth to receive a body and because we came to a fallen world, an imperfect body. A body that is a gift that houses our Divine Spirit. Everything that we think, Act and Do imprints on our temple. A temple is an honor and a gift and how we care for it will lift or hurt the progression of our spirit. We will never have a perfect body as the world portrays and sells and our intent should not be to try to gain the applause and eyes of the world. We do have control over our choices of how we care for our temple. Our temple needs daily and constant good nourishment to the body, mind, heart and spirit. Its not just about the food we eat but this does show honor and tender respect to our temple. It includes the thoughts we think and believe, the media we choose to engage in, the type friends we choose to be around, the environment of our home,engaging in wholesome activity and movement, the words we speak, how we succor, serve and listen to the weak, taking time each day to pray ponder and listen to the whispering of the spirit, the clothes we wear and the intention of our heart when we dress our temple, what we allow our ears to hear, eyes to see and our body to feel, and what we put into our temple for food also is important in a spirit of gratitude. We are not here to claim health to parade our beauty and strength and then sit back in our is a blessing to get up, to move and to serve our fellowmen. I believe the health of our body can be quickened by the spirit and that our health is not only determined by our choices but also by what God wills our body to do and the work He has sent us here to accomplish. Our Body is a Temple,
a beautiful gift from our Heavenly Father, may we choose to care for it as such and then use it to bless and lift the lives of our Brothers and Sisters here on earth.