Friday, October 14, 2016

Sick Season...Protect your kidlets naturally

It is officially sicky season and here are some tips we teach our kidlets to stay healthy:

1. Teach them about what foods build the immune systm and which foods will harm or weaken
2. Apply immune building essential oils to back of ears before they go to school and on feet before bed each night...and make sure they get 8 hours of sleep
3. Immune building supplements with water: vegan probiotic, omegas, multi vitamin mineral, echinacea/goldenseal,garlic,colostrum and vit C at times
4. Help them choose a low sugar breakfast
5. Rest or siesta time after school
6. Eat a healthy dinner together as a family
7. Verbally connect and bond with each child each day to put their anxieties as ease that they may have faced each day and remind or teach them stress strategies,visualizations and breathing techniques
8. If we get sick have plenty of healing soups and shakes on hand:)

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Have a healthy happy season:)

Sat Nam. G

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