Sunday, November 20, 2011

Transitional Tips of the Week

I think for us young Momas we can only take so much at a I will try to give you 3 tips a week to make your health transition in your homes a bit easier:)

Instead of buying your conventional milk this week try:

-So Delicious unsweetend Coconut milk (Good Earth or Smiths)
-Breeze unsweetened Almond Milk (Good Earth or Smiths)they also now offer a coconut/almond blend which I love.
-if you still want dairy I recommend buying raw milk from Real Foods (800 Orem) or you can visit Drakes Family Farm in Draper for Raw goats milk.

Or if your motivated make your own:)You can buy Thai coconuts at Good Earth and blend the meat with the water. And if you have access to Organic unpasteurized almonds you can make your own, if not I don't recommend this.

Instead of White Bread try:

-Spelt bread (Good Earth or Smiths)
-Spelt, Teff or Sprouted Wheat tortillas (Good Earth)
-Sprouted Millet Rice Mana bread (found in the freezer section at Good Earth)Millet is the most alkalizing grain:)

Instead of conv. Cheese try:

-Lisinatti Almond Cheese (Good Earh)
-Raw Goats milk cheese(expensive but we try it once in a short while)not when my kids have any kind of mucus going on.(Good Earth)
-Forgo the cheese and just use avocados with a little sea salt

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