Saturday, October 29, 2016

Skin Secrets

Growing ever closer to 40 than 30 I have had many ask what do you do for your skin?

1. Eat clean..meaning good wholesome food and clean water..avoiding stimulants, processed foods and sugar.

2. Sleep..I try to get 8 hours and sometimes a nap. it has been shown that proper sleep reboots the system, cleanses the liver and resets hormones. Lack of sleep has been shown to be detrimental to skin rejuvenation.

3. Try to keep the Stress on the downlow. This is a difficult one being a mom of 3 and going non stop and just with life it has a way of throwing curve balls. Deep breathing done through the nose puts cortisol to rest and relaxing hormones activate. Stress has been linked to more outbreaks:)

4. Products? Really the truth is...if you are cleaner on the inside your skin will be cleaner and have a natural glow from the outside. Your skin is your third kidney and so when there is less to clean from inside it naturally glows. I personally have never used foundation.As for the body it is helpful to use a epson salts or mineral bath salts to cleanse and purify the body in a warm bath , followed by a moisterizing vitamin E oil,shae butter or your favorite essential oil blend. I also really love to dry brush my entire body to sluf off dead skin and produce circulation for the lymph system. As far a facial cleansers etc...I have tried many different products for the skin but here are my favorites.

-Annemarie Gianni Organics is the most pure skin care line I have seen. I have tried their age line and sensitive cleanser toner and herbal facial purchase see sidebar icon

Here is the latest...I wash with whatever I have and then apply these two magical pure all natural skin products.

-Silver Gel with a few drops of frankincense organic oil and apply after cleansing and leave on overnight. Also once a week using redmond facial clay for a quick rejuvenating mask. These can be purchased at Code Ash20 to recieve 20% off your entire order.

Sat Nam,G

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