Thursday, October 27, 2016


I think we all in this day and age deal with a fair amount of stress. Here are a few tips you can implement, if you haven't already, to combat this inevitable part of life.

Get at least 8 hours of  at night and get to bed by 10pm. Based on body biorhythms for detoxing and resetting, best to get to bed early and early to rise. Also a midday siesta/nap has been shown to rejuvenate and reboot the nervous system.

Exercise for circulation and to oxygenate the body has been found to release the hormone saratonin, the happy hormone that regulates the degenerative effects of cortisol on the body..but in moderation is best. Too much exercise can actually put more stress on the system. 20 min of cardio and 10-15 min of strength and stretch is usually sufficient for a balanced body. Yoga is a great form of exercise to put into your movement routine because of the deep breathing techniques taught that can calm the nervous system.

Eat Well
Eat balanced clean meals and drink plenty of clean water  (ie. low sugar carbs/veggies, good fats, clean protein) at least 3 times a day, dinner being your lightest meal because the body is getting ready to wind down. Stimulants like sugar and coffee can create havoc on the nervous, immune and endocrine system over time.

Each day find time to breathe and to breathe deep,
especially in times of heightened stress. Take several deep breathes in through the nose and slowly exhale. Deep breathes have been found to reset, calm and recenter the body and nervous system.

Find time to connect, ponder and or meditate focusing on the divine or what ever higher source you believe in. For me, I try to make it the first priority into and out of my day. Connecting this way has been found to relieve stress believing you can trust and put faith in a power higher than your own.

Who you are..really. Your worth, you may feel comes from your outside accomplishments, outer appearance, things you acquire and any other worldly accolades. Your worth is a gift,  you are divine soul. When you remember this, whatever stressful circumstances life throws at you, you can hone your nervous subconscious by remembering where your worth lies.

Play and Laugh
 I have to remind myself of this one..sometimes we get so wrapped in our work load and keeping up in life that we miss the joy. Take time to pause, have fun and laugh in life connecting with others you love. Remember to nurture relationships in this way.

Herbal Helps
Here are a list of adaptogenic herbs for sleep, mood and stress relief you can try. Every system is different so if one doesn't work, try another:)

Sleep: Passionflower, Lemon balm,Valerian,Calf Poppy, Chamomile and to stimulate sleep Maletonin.

Stress/Mood: Holy Basil, Ashwaganda, Rhodiola, St. Johns Wort, GABA, 5htp, L-theanine, Astragulus(immune), Maca (balance endocrine), Ginseng and Green tea (natural energy lift)

Balancing Elements: Magnesium, Calcium, Trace Minerals, Whole food Multivitamin with B vitamins and Good oils (DHA,ALA,EPA)

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