Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Faulty Lies

Truth I learned today....what are your favorite faulty programs you run in your mind to feel safe and worth?
I have to have a special noticeable hobby to have worth.
I have to stay thin to be loved or I'm not thin so I don't deserve love
I have to be everything to everyone for my children to be a good mom
I have to have a perfect home to be loved or have worth
I have to run marathons...everyone is, I must not be good if I can't
I need to control food my weight so much to match my self worth based on lies
I'm worth being loved if I can do everything perfectly
I have to do everything
I just can't because.....needs me.
I'm not worth being taken care of
My Maker only approves of me if I do everything perfect
I'll be happy when..we have more money, I'm thinner, I'm better, stronger...better than them...
Will I ever be enough..
Faulty lies believed to keep you feeling you are safe....you have to earn your worth and safety right?
Heavenly Father gave you the gift of worth...accept it use for good and feel divine peace and joy not based on these lies.
You are divinely worth so much with unique gifts and talents and strength to give to live to help to succor to nurture

.....You are Light....You are Love.

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