Friday, January 22, 2010

Healthy Food Storage Find Yeah!

So I am sooooooo excited. I found a Food Storage Place called Alpine Food Storage. They are in Highland and have alot of Natural food storage items I have been looking for like Brown Rice flour, other grains, bulk sprouts, seeds, Coconut oil etc...and she even said they would order in almond milk and bulk green leaf stevia. They also have an awesome gluten free sugar free pancake mix my kids loooooooove.

If you would like the info:

11800 No. 6000 W. Highland, Utah 84003. Contact us at: 801-319-9111

It is an answer to many prayers and not just for me but for my son who is sensitive to wheat, I feel so grateful.


  1. Another option is just making brown rice flour. It is super easy and you can find brown rice fairly cheap. I am going to look into them I am excited!!

  2. Yes you can make the flour, but I've heard the flour is so much more fine than I have been able to grind????How ever, its all very exciting because they are so close and have great prices.

  3. Can't wait to check that out! Thanks so much.