Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Prayer and Meditation Create Inner Fortitude.

I got to read today. There was enough time to sit down, open a book and read a few pages before getting disrupted. I loved it. Because my time to read is limited I try to make it good. Today's section was the importance of prayer and meditation. The author explained the importance of personal prayer every morning and every night. How this practice can bring wholeness and balance with your creator. She goes on to explain how she had gotten distracted with the many challenges that come with balancing children and life (she is a stay-at-home mom)and she had slipped out of practice of prayer and meditation. She went to a confessional and lamented to a Fransiscan friar her struggles. His response to her I thought was so profound and tender. It really resonated with me. He told her that her very life as a mother was a prayer. When you think of that doesn't that just have a tremendous impact? When busy in the job of mothering that single act is a prayer. I am not professing that only women that have kiddos running around are the only ones mothering. I am saying the act of mothering, those that nurture and care for not only their children, but also others are actually engaged in sacred prayer. Such a great thought. The very life as a mother is a prayer. Very good!

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  1. Thank you for that, it is so true when you feel overwhelmed by the calling of a Mother you feel distracted and its hard enough to get to the daily tasks done, kids fed etc... Thank you, love it!