Thursday, November 10, 2011

What's the Weekly Menu? 11/7-11/13

Its that time time.

Mon. Beans and Greens
Tues. Veggie soup
Wed. Quinoa Sundried Pumpkin Seed Pasta and Kale Salad
Thurs. Veggie Ginger Leek soup with Teff and Spelt Tortillas and Almond cheese shreds
Fri. I will be filming recipes with my Mom, so day off, hope there is leftovers:)
Sat. We are going to Park City Eat Out:)
Sunday. Greek Kale Salad with Butternut Sesame Squash, we love kale salad in the winter because its more hearty.

So here is my weekly Shopping List(I will spare the household items unless they are interesting:)


1 bag Avos
1 pkg eng cucumbers
tub of Organic spinach
Organic Hummus snackers
1 Organic cereal
bag pistachios, black bean chips and freeze dried fruits for kids snacks
Organic frozen peas
Food Storage item of the month: 1-2 bags of Organic Quinoa

Good Earth:

Org Leeks
Org celery
Org carrots
Org unsweetned Silk for CharLee since he likes it once in a while rather than our Coconut and Almond choices, I also buy Raw Milk from Real Foods once in a while for my Hubby.
Spelt buns in case we do veggies burgers in Park City
10 pkg seas gift seaweed snacks and 8 organic raw cashew coconut bars for the Luvs snacks
Raspberry Granola
Org Pumkin seeds 1 lb
sunflower and alfalfa sprouts
Almond cheese shreds
Org Eggs
Org Sprouted Tofu
Org green apples
tub of raw Almond butter
Organic black beans and garbonzos

So every week I try to keep my budget for food at $200 and then $50 for household needs and Food Storage. I feel I have tried so hard over the years to make eating clean as affordable as possible and for our Family of Five this has been our budget, your might be a little different. I think when it comes to trying to be self sufficient and take care of your own health it does cost a little extra but I do think it does even out in the end because we rarely go to the Doctor:)GoodLuck and let me know if anything thing else would be more helpful.

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