Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Great Book

This book contains a wealth of information on how to use the essential oils. It consists of 266 pages and includes the following sections: "The Science and Application of Essential Oils," "Single Essential Oils," "Essential Oil Blends," "Essential Oil Inspired Wellness Supplements," "Essential Living and Spa Products," "Personal Usage Guide," and an appendix that includes charts and research references. With this reference book's user-friendly format, it is easy to learn how the essential oils can be used to combat common health problems.

I gave my copy of this book to my Mom for Christmas and I already am missing it...so a trip to Aroma tools is in order. If you are thinking of using oils to care for your family I highly recommend having this resource on hand. I have used it so many times for me and my kids.
To Buy: http://www.aromatools.com/Aromatherapy_Books_s/17.htm

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