Monday, December 19, 2011

A Very Berry Christmas Salad

This has been my favorite breakfast actually lately. I guess I must really need berries:)And no I am not expecting:) So here is the yummy recipe

A Very Berry Christmas Salad

Bowl of fresh Organic Greens
2 large color Bell Peppers chopped(red and yellow)
4-5 stalks of org celery chopped
2 small english cucumbers sliced (Costco)
1/4 C hemp seeds,pumpkin seeds and sliced almonds
1 C frozen mixed berries (Costco)
1 small pkg Feta (optional Good Earth)

Drizzle on top of salad
Grapeseed oil (about 1/2 Cup)
Juice of 1 lime
Real Salt
Dash of Zip or Cayenne
3 Tbsp organic coconut palm sugar

*Mix dressing throughout the salad and Enjoy! (I do flavor a lot to taste)
Have a Very Berry Christmas Everyone:)


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