Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Whats for Dinner?

Shopping Again...here it is...


-1 pkg Avocados
-small oranges
-Org Spinach tub
-Org Mixed Greens tub
-bag of brussels
-bag of broccoli (not organic but it is on the clean 15 list so we do it to cut cost occasionally:)
-bag 3 english cucumbers and bag of small cucumbers for kids snacks

-Bag of mixed frozen berries (for kids snacks,shakes,cereal etc...)
-Squaw bread for hubby:)good simple ingredients
-Ancient Grains Org cereal
-Bag of pistachios (half for us and half to make neighbor gifts:)
-butternut squash pastas my 10 year pleaded for (ok love you CharLee)
-Toilet Paper


Goal is to stay around $200 for a family of 5...we can do it:)

Good Earth (I am actually going to see how much of these items I can buy at Harmons this week)

-2 Org pears
-1 red onion
-org cilantro
-org basil
-2 bags of org sunflower sprouts (for snacks,sandwiches and salads)
-2 small org zucchini
-1 Org Celery
-1 Org cauliflower

-3 boxes coconut/almond milk Pacific brand unsweetened
-1/2 gallon Org whole milk for the hubby(or I get raw milk from Real Foods in Orem)
-1 tub unsweetn Goat yogurt for Andi
-pkg almond mozzarella cheese

-10 pkg seas gift seaweed snacks
-1 can org white beans(better to not get canned if you are commited:)
-1 pkg Quinoa Pasta
-1.5 lbs.Raspberry Granola (from the bins)
-1 box nut thins sea salt
-6 bars Raw Revolution flax bars (for snacks)good balance of protein and completely raw.
-Spelt tortillas or bread
-Just peas and Just Raspberries snacks
-1 big bottle of Grapeseed oil(good for salad all cooking

Other Other:)
-pkg AA bateries
-english muffins for my Luv...You never want to stomp out all joy in life if you are well:)

Total:Was around $90 Our grand total was under$200, yeah!

-I need to pick up 1 bottle of Original Medicine green probiotic for me and Andi since we need a little extra immune boost to our GI tract:)MD/ND Dr. Diana Farley Jones

Weekly Menu:

-Monday: leftover ginger leek veggie soup with sprouted Quinoa
-Tuesday: butternut squash pasta, org green beans,cucumber and oranges
-Wed: Cafe Rio Rice, beans and greens
-Thurs: Happy Anniversary Luv...eating out/kids gluten free make it yourself veggie pizzas
-Fri:Raw green blender soup with grain or bread
-Tuscan White beans,butternut squash brussels with hemp seed
-Sunday: Wild Salmon with Salad,Green beans and grain

* I will try to post the recipes and the ones that are from my parents book will give the reference....to be continued:)

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