Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Its Christmas Time!

Each year we make a little Gingerbread house with the kids. And no I don't go all out and make my own healthy gingerbread because one, I don't have the time and two, they never eat the house itself. So we buy an all ready $9 set gingerbread house from Walmart and then we use most of our own healthy decor since the kids love to pick and eat as they create. Here are some of the healthy decor items they used this year:

Roof: Healthy cereal (most years we do a puffed Kamut)
Snow: Organic unsweetened coconut flakes
Fence: Yogurt pretzels or other healthy cracker
Windows: sesame crackers with fruit sweetened cranberries and slivered almonds
Other things: Pumpkin seeds,sunflower, sesame seeds and also some dark chocolate sun drops. All items came from Good Earth and we had on hand.

We did use the cute colorful jaw breakers that were in the kit for lights but I noticed the kids didn't eat them, maybe they didn't know they were eatible:)

So this way your kids can come and pick off the house and you don't have to fret as much:) Happy Christmas!

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