Thursday, January 19, 2017

How I can Help

If your interested receiving more individualized guidance through the personal consult sessions I would be honored to try to help you in your healing journey, these are my credentials/experience and what I currently offer:

Ashley Rose Lisonbee:

-16 years consulting with holistic and medical practitioners/ first hand experience.
-12 years certified Yoga teacher in studio in Utah and at Ph Retreats in California and free summer community classes.
-apprenticed balanced Healthy Lifestyle cooking with Shelley Young holistic culinary artist and at pHMiracle health retreats.
- Nutritional consulting,cooking, prepping, healthy cooking show,cleansing consulting and healthy grocery shopping guiding for 4 years at Ph Miracle Center
-Study Neuro Emotional Health with Angela Bell Life Solutions 
-Study Family Virtues course for Family and other relationship health
-Currently active in my Faith, pray, read scriptures and ponder (meditate) daily for personal spiritual health:)

Consult expectations:
Guidance in area of healing and health that you choose:

-Body: cleansing,cooking,shoping,private or group yoga routines or class etc..
-Mind: Neuro/emotional healing/Relationships
-Spirit: Help you define your intentions and goals and create habits to stay spiritually connected daily:)

*Consults are, scheduled by phone, and can be done in person or by phone.
First session is half price and all sessions are an hour long. To book call #801-885-7221

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