Wednesday, January 18, 2017

My Story...partly.

I have been hesitant to write my story...because I don't like talking about me much..but I feel to write to express my motivation and heart for what I've choosen to do in my life....
I am currently in schooling that teaches about health of the mind. What drew me to this and learning about many other forms of health are many things....
As a child growing up I was quiet and an observer. I watched and analyzed and wondered why people acted, treated and choose to do the things they did. I always questioned vanity and actually never cared what I wore and just brushed my hair and left..I soon realized this was not the norm..Everyone was at odds, competing, comparing and trying so hard to look better..I never quite understood this. At the age of 15 I was scouted to model and it took me oversees at 18..I was drawn to the industry because as a teenager I was a bit of a loner an artist and dancer and for once I felt noticed. As a young woman this can feel flattering and I became lost in it for a time...before I realized when I was living in Europe that this "Vanity" industry is a Lie, and I knew it all along and felt it from a young age. From quitting this experience, I realized I had a first hand voice from experience to share with young women who become confused with the lies the world tells us. This is only a part of what has drawn me to learn about the mind. The other part is I was diagnosed with a brain condition in 01' and from then on have tried to learn about the brain and mind and what tangible tools are helpful for the health of the body, mind and spirit. This challenge was a gift and has led me down a road where I have learned from numerous holistic health and medical practitioners for over the last 16 years. I have experienced physical and emotional challenges and from having almost every organ in my body needing support at one time or another learned firsthand how to cook healthy from mostly my nutritional culinery mother, learned biology,science from my holistic ND dad and many many other books and specialists in the field of health. I also certified and actively taught yoga both in and out of studio and retreats for 12 years. After learning much about the health of the body, I was blessed with a bout of depression and anxiety after many traumatic events. I also been blessed with 2 sensory children that increased my focus to learning even more about the health of the mind, emotions and thought processes. My one deep frustration of experiencing all that I did was that in order to have health, it always cost a lot of $... I would always say...why is it that rich people can afford to become well when others can't get the help they need because they don't have enough funds...this always really bothered me. As my way of trying to give back, I will honor and try to help and accommodate where I can  so that no soul is turned away and left to suffer...I don't feel our Father would turn anyone away. And so I share all that I've learned in hopes it may help another find some hope. My prayer is to try to help others feel of His Love and Light.
Sat Nam. Ash

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