Thursday, January 26, 2017

Gluten Free?

Over the years I discovered and sought out advice and testing from medical and holistic practitioners about our family's sensitivities to grains or Gluten. Most people that go gluten free go directly to over processed pre-packaged foods that don't really help the body long term. After our tests it came out that in fact our family could tolerate the original "wheat",hmm, and we were told no wheat? There are many arguments and this advice is not for all but this is the "original wheat" its called Eikhorn.
It is unadulterated and in its purest form. It never made sense to me, that the scriptures say wheat is for man and then to be told that we couldn't have wheat. I kept researching and was tested with this form and it came out clear, interesting. Here is a list of grains we use and do like to have on hand:)

 Eikhorn Wheat berries
GF Oats
Brown, Black and Jasmine rice

We steam to go with a healthy meal, make morning warm cereals or grind these grains for quick breads and pancakes.

Sat Nam, Ash

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