Friday, January 27, 2017

What's for Lunch?

I often get this question? What do you make everyday? Well here's today's lunch for me and my two kids who are home sick and homeschooling:) It really is different everyday and when people see how I cook they usually say that looks to hard or you cook so fancy.

 The truth is...
 it is simple, fast and I now approach food with a reverence I didn't have before, in fact that is what gives me inspiration to cook, because I would rather be dancing:) Food gives us whatever form it has sacrificed its for us to have energy to do His will. So when I feed me or my families temples (bodies) I try to keep in mind that outlook, and I'll be honest I don't always get grateful responses from my kids. We still try to teach correct principles and let them choose:)
If you find yourself wanting more guidance on how to shop,prep,cook,recipe ideas or store healthy food I would be happy to help.

Sat Nam,Ash

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