Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Good Oils've probably all heard "good oils" by now:)

These are staples we use and here's how you can too..

Organic olive oil: use raw for dressings, drizzle on cooked food or not heat this one:)

Organic Avocado oil: This one is our go to oil..because it can be used cold or to cook with,we use it for dressings,soups, to roast veggies and other foods and we love it on popcorn:)

Organic Coconut oil: This oil is very versatile and while we love it in all foods warm or cool it also is amazing to use on skin and hair.

Grapeseed oil: This is another great oil its subtle flavor and ability to cook at high temperatures make it good for almost everything..especially if you don't want to taste the oil:)

Flaxseed/borage and or hemp oils: These are amazing oils for the body blood joint and brain..they are specailty oils and have to be refrigerated..we love these types of oils on our salads or to drizle on a cooled soup...never want to heat these delicate oils.

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