Thursday, January 26, 2017

Habit Stacking

Its a new year, which means for many new goal setting. How many have set their goals only to find that they are already lax or have quit all together? Its easy to set them, but to make them a new habit, it takes asking for a higher power to help you change and then attaching this new habit to a cue you already are doing or replacing the old neuro pathway with a new one:) I have done this with many new habits I have wanted to implement or new habits I have to do because my kids rely on me for it. Its easy to set a goal, but try to set an intention. Its east to have expectations or feel the pressure of perfectionism, try practicing acceptance and excellence instead. I am happy to help you set new intentions and crate healthier patterns in private consults if you find yourself needing a support:)

Sat Nam,Ash

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